Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision

  • Samuel Martin

  • 2 minute read

[P1] is a movement to ensure human life and human freedom take center stage in Virtual Civilization.

Virtual Civilization is that state in which physical civilization is eclipsed by its virtual counterpart.

The Rise of Virtual Civilization

We believe that the miniaturization of technology will allow us to take computing from desktops and smartphones to augmented reality (AR) glasses in a very short time.

Unlike Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality allows us to overlay our physical world with an unobtrusive computing interface.

Tim Cook on AR:

“...one of these very few profound technologies that we will look back on one day and ask, ‘How did we live our lives without it?’”

In the future, you will no longer hold a smartphone in your hand, but rather, pieces of that smartphone will be visible to you at all times in your view of the world.

This revolution in how we interact with computers will lead us down the road toward virtual worlds.

Many years from now, key elements of physical life will be replaced by their virtual counterparts through this transition.

We believe this future is more than 13 years away.

The Good and Bad

This is a world we believe has tremendous possibilities to allow anyone to be with anyone, anywhere, anytime, with a virtual avatar, in virtual space, having real, meaningful human connection with other people.

It may very well be the future of human communication and even the place where we interact most frequently with those whom we love.

If we can create the same sense of presence in a virtual world as in physical life, that world will become increasingly meaningful to us all.

However, this revolution could also lead us down a path of total corporate domination over our lives.

Just imagine a world where corporations orchestrate everything to extract value from its inhabitants.

Just imagine a generation, a world, in which no one feels free to speak their mind.

We have a different vision of the future, a vision in which human life and human freedom take center stage in that virtual future.

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