Plan of Action

Plan of Action

Plan of Action

  • Samuel Martin

  • 1 minute read

The Capital Problem

While capitalism has its strengths, it also possesses inherent weaknesses that would prove fatal to human freedom in Virtual Civilization.

(1) Extractive

Tech companies traditionally need significant startup capital to build virtual worlds.

If we choose to migrate ourselves to a world created by investment capital, whatever companies create that world will be obligated to extract value from it in the interests of those who own it.

(2) Unjust

Corporations frequently censor our speech and ban us without recourse from social media platforms. Just imagine being banned from the future of life itself for something you say. That’s not a future we want to live in.

The Solution

Rather than raising investment capital, [P1] sources labor capital in exchange for education and live mentorship through its Open Collective [P1-OC].

[P1] is able to bring portfolio-builders up-to-speed using courses and training material while giving competent individuals the ability to work on live projects that fund [P1].

[P1] then uses the funds to hire standout community members to work on small teams that help build the infrastructure for Virtual Civilization.

The Goal

Our goal is to create Virtual Civilization infrastructure whose incentives align with our values of human life and freedom.

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